Beauty AND brains

This gorgeous lady came to me with a desire to celebrate being 40 with a sexy shoot for herself. Don’t get me wrong, she has an adoring husband and kids, but this was for her. If you know her, you know that she is the real deal. The full package… gorgeous, sweet and kind, and super smart. She’s actually finishing her masters while working as a substitute teacher, and still manages to look amazing and raise 2 sweet kids. It was a true honor to capture her beauty and pamper her (very humble) ego.


I hesitated to post this because honestly, very few of my clients look like this. It’s so easy to compare and think that we need to lose weight, get better clothes, or even have cosmetic interventions, but the reality is that we should celebrate ourselves as we are now. My job as the photographer is to make you look amazing, capture your best angles and help you see yourself as the goddess that you are. Don’t wait. Celebrate YOU NOW.

Valentina MacGregor