Dream Shoot, San Miguel de Allende style

I should start by saying that my sister has lived in San Miguel de Allende for 19 years, I got married there and have gone every year for the last 3 years with my kids and stayed for a month. We love it there. It’s a magical place that feels frozen in time.

This time, one of my goals was to do a dream shoot with a client. She is an adventurous, stunning young woman that is currently living there and has an artist’s spirit. We found the most amazing location and let this enchanting, colonial, city dictate the shoot.


As I posed her, I felt her relax, and refer back to her dancing years. The grace was something to behold. We women have so many layers, strength in beauty, grace and vitality coupled with determination and softness.


It was so much fun and I CANNOT wait until my next dream shoot.

What is a dream shoot you ask?

Well, it’s when you dream of being photographed somewhere extraordinary with hair, makeup, and wardrobe, all done for you. The photographer (me) takes care of everything and the magic happens with us together on the location of your dreams.

Paris. Milan. London. Buenos Aires. San Miguel de Allende. Basically, anywhere is possible. I tend to book a few shoots around the same time to offset travel costs and keep it fresh!


See what I mean? The results are amazing and you feel like a model.