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Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees.



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hi, i’m VALENTINA.

I love people and stories. Since I was little I loved to look at old photos in my family home and hear the stories of the many people that comprised our family. To see them all captured in a frame for generations seemed such a legacy. It is the reason for my craft and the purpose of my business.

I created a gallery in my home that I add to every year, to continue the tradition in my family. I want to help you create your legacy wall by taking timeless, beautiful portraits of yourself that you will proudly display. All of my clients come with fears and insecurities. My job (and pride!) is to make you feel fabulous and guide you through posing. Basically, I want to photograph you like you have never been photographed and remind you of the beauty you may have forgotten you are!  My home-studio will be the place for you to feel pampered and special.  Please come in.  I promise you will have fun and love your portraits!